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Sunday, December 29, 2013

This blog is going to be about Peace. Yep, you heard me... Hippie or Not... we all want it!
Peace Baby!

Peace Mosaic Blue Glass Fork Art Pendant
I am not going to talk about Global Peace. Nope. I want to talk about Inner Peace.
I struggle with inner peace. I want it. I really do. I invite it in.. I even offer it a comfy chair. But, I must be a really bad hostess. Peace never decides to stay. I mean, we hang out for about 10 minutes and for some reason Peace thinks that is long enough!
What about you? Does Peace hang out at your place? 
I think, Peace must feel uncomfortable with the other characters that hang out with me. You know, the ones... Self Doubt, Worry and Guilt. Now, those 3 will hang out all day long!
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(I just had to add the above items from Etsy! Click on the photos and the link will take you right to the shops! I personal love these items! They make me laugh!)
I am not much of a New Year Resolution Gal. But, I think this year I am going to provide a better environment for Peace to hang her hat. Now, my old 3 friends will still have their own chairs to sit in for their visits. But, I am thinking about changing the cushions and making it more difficult for them to get so comfy. 
There ya go! That's it! I have the stage set!
Mood music is playing.
Peace Love Music
I have my Yoga Socks on!
Hand Knit Yoga Socks
And my herbal tea!
Pampering Relaxing Herbal Tea Bag Natural
(Click on the photos! You know you want to!)
I am ready!
Watch me Now 2014!
I am going to be so calm, cool and collected... You might just think you are in the wrong mind!
Happy New Year All!!!
Make it want You Need and Want!  
Be Safe!


  1. Yes, relax with a Herbal Tea Bath Bag. They are so relaxing and calming. You can also shop for All-Natural skin care products too. Just click on the picture of the Herbal tea to get to the Face n Earth's shop!!!!

  2. Love this post Kate! Inner Peace is something I struggle with too...I think every day life gets in the way! You will find it!
    Happy New Year...To new found strength!

    1. Jane, I think we all just need a good Zen! lol lol In my preschool class you will see me standing there saying " no one panic" " everybody breathe" we all freeze and breathe... Now, if I could just do that when My life gets in the way...I would be good! LOL

  3. LOVE this post! Inner peace may be fleeting at times, but it's so worth trying not to let it get away.

    1. I am getting there! I am so happy you enjoyed the post!

  4. worry wart!!!! ewwww but so cute and funny!

  5. Love the topic of PEACE, especially inner peace. The words from one of my all time favorite songs are: Let there be peace on earth...and let it begin with me!

  6. It's no accident that I have landed here. For me ~ Inner Peace is about forgiveness, and letting go of ego. It does seem a constant struggle, and the battle lies deep within us. I believe we are all peaceful "Warriors" of the heart! Love this!!!!