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Monday, December 9, 2013

My New Shop! Fancy That Fusion!

Happy Hello All!
Well, I did it! I opened up a new shop! Call me crazy!
My new shop is
Fancy That Fusion 
Copper Cuff
I love my Shop
 Pieces of Home Mosaics
Flatware Stained Glass Art Ring
I love making mosaics! I love working with tile, broken pottery, and glass to make my one of a kind items. But, I also found out that fusing glass is so much fun! I have been fusing my brains out! I'm melting bottles, mason jars and fusing colored glass into jewelry pendants, bracelet cuffs, home décor items and magnets! Oh, I am having a hoot! My shop Pieces of Home Mosaics was filling up with fused glass items.  And I thought Hmmmmmmmm...................
Long story short. I decided to open a shop with just fused glass items! Why not, right!?! Well, let me tell you... two shops on etsy is hard work! So, if you are reading this pretty please with sugar on top Help me get the word out.
If you see something you love in my shops I have coupon codes just for you!
Yes!!! Savings....wooohoooooo baby!!
Fancy that Fusion
Coupon Code:  HOHOHO30
Spend $10.00 Save 30%   

Green and Red Glass Pendant
Fused Glass Pendant
Pieces of Home Mosaics
Coupon Code: Xmassale40
 Spend $10.00 and Save 40%

Mosaic decor holiday sled

Cameo Mosaic Pill Box
I love to make items that are One of Kind! Each soul you meet is a One of a Kind! Why shouldn't the items you own or give be just that! I love it when people walk into a room and say, "Wow, I have never seen anything like this!" That is what I strive for!  
I love funky and I love different! In both of my shops you will find items that no other shop sells! My style reflects my personality. Yes, I am funky and different!
 I put thought, care and love into each piece I make!
Don't forget the coupon codes. Those codes will save you money on your Christmas Giving. If you are like me... you are on a budget! I know, giving can be hard on the pocket book!
Also, if you know me... I can't just plug my shops! Nope! I need to tell you about a shop that did my Etsy Shop Banners.
Here are my banners
The gal who made my banners, drum roll please...... is Lucinda Myer.
Her Shop is
Luci Makes Cards
Here are a few of her works!
Butterfly greeting card
Buddha greeting card
Lucinda creates stunning cards and outstanding Etsy shop banners!
I tell you, if you are in need of these... this is your lucky day!!!!
Don't you just love Etsy! So many wonderful things to see and buy!
Thank you all for stopping in!!



  1. Good luck on your new shop! I know i'm faved & pinned for you. Besides the fact that i love your work. =) And also WTG Lucinda! The banners are awesome

  2. Congrats on the new shop! I love the name of it, and Lucinda did an excellent job on your banners.
    You can link up both of your shops at the PCFteam Shop Hop here:

    1. yes she did!!! I will have to figure out how to link the shops! Thanks

  3. Beautiful pieces-as always!
    Good luck with the new shop!

  4. Thank you all for your support on the new shop!

  5. Your new shop is beautiful and you've done an excellent job of setting it up. Thank you so much for the advertising of my new card shop; I appreciate it and YOU!


  6. It is hard having two shops! Both shops are fantastic and I love your creativity!