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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pretty much it is the time of year where you find something you can't stand about yourself and make a vow to change it.
Do you have a God Awful Habit?
I will wear a rubber band around my wrist and snap it hard...if i even think of doing whatever it is I do.
Well, I hate to burst your Resolution Bubble. Been there and have backed out about 2 weeks into my... resolution. I guess my pinkie swears mean nothing!
This year as I sit and watch the diet pill commercials, I was thinking... What if... and no one pass out... What if.. I vowed to do more of what I love! Instead of finding all the things I hate about myself, I am going to do more of what I do! Woooohooooo Baby I have made this New Years Resolution thing work for me!
I love to make Mosaic! I will do more!

I love color! I will seek it out and add more to my life!
I can be a crab ass! I will embrace those moments!
I Feel the Freedom 2013!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Today's Featured Shop Owner!
Diane Evans
Here is my Interview with Diane!
Q. How did you pick your shop name?
A. Our shop name is vintagebyrudi
(the name rudi comes from Russ (ru) and Diane (di)
or seller Russ397 on ebay
Q.  What do you sell?
A.  We sell vintage collectibles, jewelry, collector plates, china, and whatever we find.
Q.  How did you get started selling vintage items?
A.  We had sold on ebay previously and ran a flea market spot for a few years. We presently have a spot in an antique shop in South Deerfield Mass. & Granby Ct. & do Etsy & a little bit of Ebay.
Q. How did you get interested in Vintage items?
A.  When I was growing up my Dad collected old bottles and antiques and we always stopped at antique shops and tag sales. He got myself and my brothers into the "business". Dad continued to collect and sell on ebay occasionally and often joined us in the flea market spot. That is a memory I will always remember and treasure :)
Q.  How did you learn about vintage items?
A.  Over the years my husband and I have become more knowledgeable about vintage items as we ourselves have gone to auctions, estate sales and tag sales. We have a RV park trailer at Cape Cod and during the summer you will find us hunting for treasures down there.
Q.  Where do you see your Shop in 5 years from now?
A.  Hopefully our shop will continue to grow. I am a retired teacher and this has now become my "part time job" and I love it! Our friends will often ask us to "find" them items in our travels.
Q.  How do you manage your time between Etsy and the rest of your life?
A.  We have an "ebay etsy spare room" as we call it where our stock is on shelves and I try to stay organized lol.
Q.  Any other thoughts you want to share with us?

A.  I enjoy the Etsy community and have met many new friends there.
Here is a sample of what you will find in Diane's Shop!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Featured Artist
Heidi Gilmore
I love looking at all the shops on Etsy! So much talent everywhere you look. So, I thought, I want to feature artists and shop owners! Don't you just want to know what makes people tick? I do! Plus, let us face facts... we are nosey. Being "Nosey" is just fine, so don't panic!
Today's Post is all about Heidi Gilmore. Enjoy!
Heidi's Shop is TheMysticalOasisGlow
Here is my interview with Heidi
Q. What do you sell?
A.  I specialize in Body Chains, Slave Bracelet Rings, and Head Chain pieces. I also sell Sterling Silver items, Fresh Water Pearl items and Photography photos with Matte frames.
Q. How did you get started with Etsy?
A.  I started making my own items so that I can make some kind of living and be a stay at home Mom with my Special needs son.
Q. When did you get interested in making your Art/Craft?
A.  I started making my own items once I found out that my sons behavioral issues were issues that coincide with the Disorders he was diagnosed with. After enough people informed me that they can't handle my son, I decided it was time to get him evaluated and learn how to become the best advocate my son could have.
Q. Where does your inspiration come from?
A.  I would have to say that my inspiration comes from Nature. I love the beauty the earth holds. God Creation is simply amazing in that so many beautiful minerals were created by Earths natural elements. Jesus has also become a huge inspiration for me. Along with natural minerals and pearls, you will find Peace Signs, Angel wings, Hearts and Crosses. ;)
Q. Who taught you or how did you learn your art form?
A.  I'm a self taught person. I get a vision and just go with the flow.
You will not find items exactly like mine anywhere you look. In fact, many of my items are One Of A Kind items. :)
Q. Is this a hobby, part-time job, or full-time job?
A. I would have to say it's a Hobby and a Part-time job. My daughter also creates pieces and sells them on my Site. Since I have 3 kids, I guess you can say I have a Full-time parenting job and a Part-time job. lol
Q. Where do you see your Shop in 5 years from now?
A. No one really knows what the future holds. I just keep going with faith that eventually this part- time job might become a Full-time job with a regular stable "paycheck".
Q. How do you manage your time between Etsy and the rest of your life?
A.  I practice time management every day with 3 kids. lol. I work while my baby is napping and my two oldest are in School. I manage The Promo Oasis Team with one leader. Every night after my kids go to bed, I renew the Daily Threads. It's not easy; but I manage. This income has allowed us to qualify for Habitat for Humanity; so it's a must. I make do.
Q. Do you make or stock items you love, or what will sell?
A.  I list items that I love to create and then re-list the few that sell and are easy to mass produce. :) I also take Custom Orders where you can give me your theme of choice and I get a vision, run it by you and eventually create exactly what you want.
I haven't had any complaints on Custom Orders yet. :)
Q. Where else can we find you online?
A. You can also find my on Yardsellr: yardsellr.com/yardsale/Heidi-Gilmore-774417
I also occasionally sell on ebay, myworld.ebay.com/atouchofpurple1
Q.  Did you always want to have your own business?
A.  No, I had high hopes to go to college and get my Masters Degree in Psychology. I've always wanted a Career in helping people in some sort of way.
Q. Any other thoughts you want to share with us?
A.  Peace, Love and God Bless ;)
Thank you so much Heidi for letting us into your world and your shop!
Here is a Sample of Heidi's Work! Enjoy!





Sunday, December 23, 2012

We are Still Here!

Yep, I am still here! The world didn't explode! Load off huh?

First things first... my heart and prayers go out to the children, teachers, town and their families. My prayers go out to the mom that lost her life by her son's hand and their family. I also, pray for the young man. I truly understand the pain of the town.
However, I can only try to understand the pain of loosing a child.

I don't know if you all remember the Thurston Shooting in Oregon. I do.. we lived just down the street of the High School. My own children were not old enough to be in high school yet. But, my daughter attended her friends brother's funeral. She was also friends with a boy who's brother was shot. My foster daughter's brother was found covered in blood.. no he was not physically hurt. My Husband's boss was best friends with the parents who were murdered. I could go on but I won't.
 The sadness was overwhelming.

I have been a preschool teacher for over 20 years. I own and run a small school.  Over the years of working with kids I have noticed two things that are lacking and stand out like no other. Those "Things" are empathy & respect for all living things.
Children are my life.They are my heart. They are all gifts to be treated with kindness and respect. We can't hid the world from them..no matter how we might try. We can't keep them home every minute of the day. We can only give them open arms to run to.

I am not going to make a statement on guns. I am not going to make a statement on how to parent your children.

What I want to say is... Treat each person big or small with respect and kindness. We are all just trying to find our way. When we come across people who are mean to us... just remember.. They must be so sad inside. Lift them up with kindness... make that difference in their life in that moment. It is not your job to save the world... but, it is your job to spread love not hate. There is so much negative and it spreads like wild fire.... spread the positive. It truly makes a difference.

My Christmas Wish for You

Find your passion and you will find your peace.
My passion is Family, Children and Art!

Cheers to 2013

Here is My Hand Picked Collection of Outstanding Items!
It looks like these Artist have found their Passion!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

 Pieces of Home Mosaics

Please visit my shop and use Code: HOHO20 for a 20% Discount!!

Today, I am featuring my Mosaic Window collection! I picked the windows because:
One, I love them! Two, they take forever and deserve to be in the spot light! Three, they make me happy!

All my windows start from an old discarded vintage window. I love using these vintage windows... all the history in them! I wonder how many people looked out these windows. Hmmm, I wonder how many Dads are waiting and watching for their daughters to come home from their date. Or, how many women have looked and looked and paced and paced waiting for their man to get home. Or, how many times the kids peeked out to see if Santa is on his way! Or the girl who is watching out the window with tears in her eyes because her heart just got broken and she just wants to watch the world go by and she wonders how she will fit into it tomorrow. I love to think about all the folks who used these windows and now each window will get a new start as something new. All my windows are rustic in nature... I do not re-paint them. I feel a bit of the past should not change as they go into the future... the past make us and them better! The past gives character!
The window above is New to my shop as of today! I fused 2 cooler bottles for that baby! And, yes... the coolers were nummy! Oh, what I do for art!!
The window below is my Ocean Window! This baby took a long time to do! It is beautiful! This piece is a statement! One of the reasons I love it is because one of the panels is done with shells! The shells were hunted and found by me on the Oregon Coast! Oh, I love my vacations!
 Ok, this one is New today too! I love this one! This window would look great in a kitchen, man cave or bar! Great for the New Year!! Cheers all!
Fly with the Birds!
The Flower Garden! So, lovely!
Beautiful with the light shine through!
I love my windows! I hope you enjoyed seeing them. As I am writing this blog.. I am looking out my own window. It is snowing and all is white and fresh. I have my own Mosaic Window and it looks fabulous with all the colors shining through... the white snow all around. I feel cozy and warm.
Here are just a few pieces from other Etsy Shops that deserve the Spot Light! Enjoy!

Harem Design
Aylin Yilmaz
She makes amazing wearable art!
Handmade Crochet Cotton Collar, Necklace.
Pease check out her New Shop! 


Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Elves are Buy!
Holiday Sale! 20% OFF Coupon Code at Checkout: HOHO20
The Etsy Elves are Busy in the Workshop!
The Elves are making goodies! Have you been Naughty or Nice?
Oh, I hope Nice!
No Coal for you this year!
Etsy is an amazing place! Shopping Small Business not only makes for great gift giving. But, it makes for great Holiday Cheer! I love knowing that my money is going to a hard working soul! I love shopping this way!
Now, I know, I know..... Big Shopping Malls are also wonderful. And, Yes... the money you spend will help pay wages. But, it does a body good to know that the items you bought from a small Handmade or Vintage shop really makes a personal difference to the folks that made or hand picked the items they are selling! It makes me feel all Warm and Cozy inside!
The other beauty parts of shopping this way is....... drum roll please....
NO CRAZY PEOPLE pushing and shoving to grab those items on the shelf!
You will always know where you parked your car! It is in Your Driveway! 
Think about the gas money you are saving!!
No screaming kids... and if your kids are screaming you can send them to their rooms and shut the door!
No money going to that damn food court! Which by the way makes your body look like you could be a stand in for Santa! No lines! No Yummy Aches!
The Joy of Shopping Etsy!!

Christmas – that magic blanket that wraps itself about us, that something so intangible that it is like a fragrance. It may weave a spell of nostalgia. Christmas may be a day of feasting, or of prayer, but always it will be a day of remembrance – a day in which we think of everything we have ever loved.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Blog Award Pieces of Home Mosaics

Blog Award Pieces of Home Mosaics
Here's lookin at you kid!

Social Media..........

So, Here's the Thing.......
OK, social media is a beautiful thing... right? Well, it is I am sure of it. But, it is making me crazy! If you sell your  Goodies online you have to belong to Sites...
         Selling Sites and Hi, How ya doing Sites.
There has got to be a balance! Balance between Sites and Making our Goodies!  I am trying like a crazy person to find the Balance.
So far... Well, let us just say... the balance beam is too small or my feet are way to big!
By the way... over to your right ... please follow me on everything over there.... lol
And, don't forget to follow me on Pinterest... Oh, and head over to my Shop
(I'm having a 40% OFF Sale! Coupon Code at checkout: Turkey40)
Selling online, making my art and working a full time job are all wonderful parts of my life. However, just talking about it makes me want a nap!
This post is a Tribute to ALL who sell their amazing items online. 
We are busy, creative and hard working people! 
We LOVE what we do and we are also tired! We long for a Nap!
But, when we sleep we dream of our next project... What will it be? How will I make it better? Who is my target buyer? Will people like it? Who will take the kids to school? What colors should I use? What is dinner going to be? Do I have enough supplies for my idea?
We toss We turn!
Is it worth it?? YES!!!
Here are some of my favorite Things
Some of my Favorite Shops
Some Hard Working Owners!
(And yes, my Mosaic Napkin Holder is part of my Favorite Things!)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ornaments are Memories
Black Friday Sale in my shop!
40% off
Use Coupon Code: Turkey40 at checkout

Christmas is a time for gathering with family and friends. But, to be honest...
That gathering can = "A where is my asprin?" moment or "Is the cider spiked?"

Ok, I love my family I do.. really, I do!

My personal favorite time of Christmas is pulling out the ornaments and setting up the tree.
I love all the memories that come right out of that box.
Our Wedding ornament, Our children's first ornament, My Mom's ornaments from her tree!
Each one has a memory.

So, here is the Thing...

Make your own memories with your oraments!

Do you have a tradition of when you decorate your tree? Do you wear a Santa hat when you put those amazing memories on your beautful hand picked tree? Do you drink cider and have the kids help?

Whatever you do or however you do it...Trimming the Tree is a special time.

Here is a Hand Picked Collection of Outstanding Ornaments!

Make a Memory

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Make Your Holiday Gift Giving Easy!
Finding beautiful gifts should be easy and most of all FUN!! Buying them should be easy!
I know...I know..... It never seems easy!
But, with Etsy.com you can find Everything you are look for and more!
Here is a list of items that I hand picked to help you with your shopping. Have fun looking and most of all have fun buying. These shops are outstanding in every way! If you are looking for Hand Made items... here ya go! If you are looking for a fine Vintage Piece...here ya go!

You can find me

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Piecesofhome
Pinterest: pinterest.com/mypurplebubbl/
Wanelo: wanelo.com/Piecesofhomemosaics
Twitter: twitter.com/mypurplebubble 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mirror Mirror on the Wall.....

We all know the rest of the chant..... But if you could change it... What would you say? Hmmmm, here are some endings to think on!

Mirror, mirror on the wall
You help make my home look bigger and not so small....

Mirror, mirror on the wall
You add character to my hall....

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who is that sexy, stunning, smart and funny
Outstanding, crazy, need my coffee
Fix my hair, check my teeth, add some blush to my cheek
Wake up the kids and Make the breakfast
Kiss the hubby, give the kids money
Mommy, mommy... Oh, my tummy!
Mommy, mommy ...Need the potty!
Mommy, mommy ....kid is crabby
Mommy, mommy...gets no nappy
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who is the most tired person of them all!

However it goes, mirrors do add a bit of Bling to your home. They not only reflect light and make your room look bigger. But, they also, reflect your personality!

A Statement Mirror? A Colorful Mirror? A Funky Mirror? Do you love a Country Cottage Mirror?
 Or maybe a beachy type Mirror?

  Whatever the Mirror, just remember...
 The reflection you see... no matter how tired you might be... is an important person, amazing and strong... Even when things seem to be going wrong... you are important, amazing and strong
Most of all
(I say this in loving memory of folks who didn't believe that. You are all missed and loved)

You can find me
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Piecesofhome
Pinterest: pinterest.com/mypurplebubbl/
Wanelo: wanelo.com/Piecesofhomemosaics
Twitter: twitter.com/mypurplebubble 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

So Here is the Thing...............
                Do you ever want to just break out into song?? Well, I do! My problem is that when I break out into song... it is always Preschool Songs. (For those of you who don't know.. I own and teach preschool in Oregon.)

Today, in my preschool class, our theme is Food. You know why... Thanksgiving is coming!! Anyway, one of our favorite songs is I'm A Little Teapot. We sang it like crazy and tried to come up with what type of drink we were spouting. Needless to say, this song has been stalking me all day!

I thought... hmmmm....I should share my Teapot Collection!

Just picture me sitting on the floor cutting my stained glass and whacking my tile and plates into pieces ... singing I'm A Little Teapot. Thank God, my hubby knows that I am a bit off my rocker!

I know what you are singing in your head... admit it!!

I love my Little Teapots! I hope you do too! I would tell you that they would make a great Christmas Gift & Housewarming gift. But, who wants to be pushy!
Please stop by my shop
Take a peek... you never know what might strike your fancy!
Look for my Deal of the Week!!
Find me on Facebook & Become a Fan
I have a great Coupon Code for you on my Fan Page!! (pst...it's 30% off!!)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Here is the thing..

I have no idea what I am doing! This whole blogging thing is very new to me!

I guess, I will start by telling you a bit about myself and my shop! That's a good idea right? My shop is called Pieces of Home Mosaics here is link www.etsy.com/shop/PiecesofhomeMosaics
I make Mosaics & Fused Glass Pieces....


                                                                     My Story

I started playing around with mosaics & fusing glasses almost 2 years ago. My kids had all got married and bought home of their own. I needed something to do! Here's the thing... You can only clean and watch tv for so long before you feel like you want to kill yourself. I had to find me...well,  I found me. I found me sitting in the middle of vintage tiles (that I found for free & made my hubby go get) with a hammer. I found out that I just loved it! Find your passion and the world is yours!

The idea of broken pieces becoming whole is my truth. This message touches my soul. My mosaics are intended to reflect that beauty is all our pieces integrated together!

I think life is just like a mosaic and well sure..a box of chocolates too! In life, we invite all sorts of people into our lives. We have all sorts of experiences. Some of those experiences feel like they shatter us into little bits of jagged pieces and some make us feel whole.

In my family...I am adopted. My parents took me in and made a whole.

In my family...we have opened our hearts and home by fostering a few amazing kids.

I figure if you just add the "Grout" of LOVE you will have the best mix of awesome you can get! By the way... sometimes yelling and freaking out is part of the Love process!

I am also a preschool owner and teacher. I think I get my inspiration from my little students. They love art, they love to get messy and they just Do what they want with what they have to work with. I wanted that! I wanted to feel free to do what I wanted. I wanted to get messy and create! Well, I did it! I found the love of mosaics and now I am an artist! Life is an amazing adventure!

Someone asked me not long ago... what is your favorite piece of art and why. I said.... Oh, wow! Now that is a question! Hmmm, that's like asking which kid you love best! But I will say, I enjoy working on my windows the most. I love taking those Old vintage windows and transforming them into something beautiful! Giving them a second life filled with color. What do people say... What is old is new again!

That is the scoop! Or as my 85 year old Dad says.... Now you know the poop!
Check out my Etsy About page: www.etsy.com/shop/PiecesofhomeMosaics/about/

My shop will always have a Deal of the Week. So, keep checking in every week to see what great goodie you can get for less! I also, provide special discounts for my Facebook Fans! So, head over to www.facebook.com/Piecesofhome and find out what deals are to be had there!

Do you need a custom piece? Do you need a Lay Away plan? I offer both!

Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/PiecesofhomeMosaics
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Piecesofhome
Pinterest: pinterest.com/mypurplebubbl/
Wanelo: wanelo.com/Piecesofhomemosaics
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