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Sunday, December 9, 2012

 Pieces of Home Mosaics

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Today, I am featuring my Mosaic Window collection! I picked the windows because:
One, I love them! Two, they take forever and deserve to be in the spot light! Three, they make me happy!

All my windows start from an old discarded vintage window. I love using these vintage windows... all the history in them! I wonder how many people looked out these windows. Hmmm, I wonder how many Dads are waiting and watching for their daughters to come home from their date. Or, how many women have looked and looked and paced and paced waiting for their man to get home. Or, how many times the kids peeked out to see if Santa is on his way! Or the girl who is watching out the window with tears in her eyes because her heart just got broken and she just wants to watch the world go by and she wonders how she will fit into it tomorrow. I love to think about all the folks who used these windows and now each window will get a new start as something new. All my windows are rustic in nature... I do not re-paint them. I feel a bit of the past should not change as they go into the future... the past make us and them better! The past gives character!
The window above is New to my shop as of today! I fused 2 cooler bottles for that baby! And, yes... the coolers were nummy! Oh, what I do for art!!
The window below is my Ocean Window! This baby took a long time to do! It is beautiful! This piece is a statement! One of the reasons I love it is because one of the panels is done with shells! The shells were hunted and found by me on the Oregon Coast! Oh, I love my vacations!
 Ok, this one is New today too! I love this one! This window would look great in a kitchen, man cave or bar! Great for the New Year!! Cheers all!
Fly with the Birds!
The Flower Garden! So, lovely!
Beautiful with the light shine through!
I love my windows! I hope you enjoyed seeing them. As I am writing this blog.. I am looking out my own window. It is snowing and all is white and fresh. I have my own Mosaic Window and it looks fabulous with all the colors shining through... the white snow all around. I feel cozy and warm.
Here are just a few pieces from other Etsy Shops that deserve the Spot Light! Enjoy!

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  1. beautiful mosaics! visiting you from the etsy promote team :) great blog!



  2. Beautiful pieces! I love the one with the fish made from the shells you found :)

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