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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

You Opened a Business!

I am a Business Owner!
If I say it over and over again.... will I start to believe it??
So, you did it! You opened a Business!!! Gooooo You! High Fives all around! But, there is one tiny problem... YOU ARE Terrified! Will anyone want what I have to offer? Will everyone think I am insane for starting up this new venture? Will I make money? Will I lose money? Will I look and feel stupid for trying? 
I have two business, I own a preschool and I have a shop on Etsy. I was so scared starting both of them. When I opened my preschool I had one student and as the first year ended I had 8. Now 10 years later I just graduated 37!
The photo below was taken right before our Town Parade!
When I started my Shop on Etsy... it took me 4 months to get my first sale. And now, a year and a half later, I have 70 sales. Am I reaching for more??? You Bet!!!
My point here is that everything takes time.
You just have to stick with it!  
Selling online is crazy! No sugar coating here folks. If you are looking for one of those stories  "I made millions with my online store and quit my day job" you are in the wrong place! I am what my friends call a "Negative Nancy". I call it being real and not getting carried away on a cloud of fancy.  Day dreaming is not my thing! I am a person who believes that baby steps is now everything starts.
 To be honest when I read those "I make millions" stories it just pisses me off! I know they are meant to capture the Dreamer and prove you can do it. But, to me it just makes me think that some people will get too disappointed if they don't see Big Money right away and quit before they get started. 
Here is the thing.....
Things don't just drop out of the sky and all is good in the world. If things are dropping out of the sky... RUN!
 Things take energy, time and dedication!
If you have a hard time lighting a fire under your own butt...
well... having any type of business is not for you...
What you need is called a hobby.
Now for the good news! Etsy can be both. Lots of folks make their hobby into a business. Lots of folks work Etsy part time. Lots of people have so many wonderful items that they just need good homes for them so they can enjoy making more goodies! But, if you want to sell those outstanding items you can't think of it Only as a hobby. Nothing will ever sell and you should just think of who you are going to give what to at the holidays!
If you are going to open or you have an Etsy shop ....
1. Get on Facebook and get yourself a Fan page!
2. Get yourself on Google
3. Get yourself on Pinterest
4. Get yourself on other social sites.. there are a ton of them.
5. Get yourself business cards and leave them everywhere.
6. Talk about your shop... not so much that people run the other direction when they see you coming.. just enough so they know you are still selling and what you are selling.
7. Join teams on Etsy
8. Never hide your 'favorites'
9. Promote others on the site... Don't be what I call a 'Me Monster'
10. Enjoy what you do...
You only live once and life is toooo damn short! 
Smile, giggle, and make friends! 
 Stop on over and check out my shop!

Thank you for reading!
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Designs & Discount Coupon!

Happy Hello All! I have been a busy bee!

Today, I am going to show off some of my new designs! You know I love to mosaic! I am a mosaic crazy person... I am also, a glass freak too! So, I have been fusing glass and using my pieces in my mosaics!

I have a new collection of Make Up Compact Mirrors & Pill Boxes! These are so fun to make. I just went wild! I have used stained glass, handcrafted fused glass pieces, tumbled glass and my favorite thing Gun Shell Casings!

To celebrate my New Designs, I am offering a Discount!
Spend a minimum of $5.00 and receive a 20% Discount on anything in my Shop!
Use coupon code: Blogger
at checkout!

Gun shell casing you ask? Yes, gun shell casings! My hubby and I love to go 4 wheeling in the mountains here in Eastern Oregon. On our travels through the high desert I have found gun shell casings laying on the ground. Seeing them on the ground made me think about what I could do with them. Hubby and I went crazy and picked up every one we saw! I figured that I would come up with something to do with them! And, I did! Now, I have family and friends save their casing for me! I am working on some gun shell casing key chains too!

I have also been busy creating my mosaic jewelry line! Oh, I am having fun! I love to re-purpose items and I think I found a fabulous marriage of old flatware/silverware and mosaics! Here are a few!

This bracelet turn out beautifully!
Here is one of my pendants! Now, this was meant to be a wearable piece of art, but, it would look wonderful as an ornament!

This is my newest! I am pretty excited about how it turned out! Very pretty! Fyi... don't hit anyone in the mouth with it!!! LOL

I am having a wonderful time creating!
I hope you enjoy my designs!
To celebrate my New Designs, I am offering a Discount!
Spend a minimum of $5.00 and receive a 20% Discount on anything in my Shop!
Use coupon code: Blogger
at checkout!
Stop by and check out more of my designs:

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Come meet Mary and her etsy Shop!

Happy Hello!
Today I am featuring an artist that makes outstanding signs!
Let's meet
Mary Compton Aikens
And get a taste of what her shop has to offer!
 Mary C. Aikens 1 Artlady
Here we go!
What do you sell?
The products that I do sell are small, hand-made signs that are mainly made out of wood. However, I do have other mediums that I am adding to my inventory. Those mediums are hardy plank siding, and hopefully, I can add crocheted signs as well painted glass somewhere in the near future.
How did you get started with Etsy
I started my Etsy shop by signing up. Prior to opening my Etsy shop is that I received several referrals from various friends as well a relative.
When did you get interested in making your Art
I have actually started making my artistic signs as well wood reliefs since late 1980's, but I started becoming very strong in the area of wood reliefs since October 1991 after both my husband and I came from seeing art exhibits at the Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Doing personalized and custom signs have been a real push for me to strongly consider selling my
artwork on Etsy.
Where does your inspiration come from?
 I can really credit that my art inspiration came from the Lord. He is the one that gives me various subjects to do my signs as well other art pieces. Yes, several people gave me ideas for my art ideas. However, I strongly can credit the Lord to finally give me the final inspirations. Yes, I do take commissions.

Who taught you or how did you learn your art form
I was an artist since childhood, and yes, I had several teachers who really inspired me in my art talents. I received two college degrees: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and
Associates of Applied Science in Drafting and Design Technology. During the time when I was working on my undergraduate degree in Graphic Design, I took numerous art studio classes.
Where do you see your Shop in 5 years from now?
 It is quite hopeful that I can build my freelancing art commissions to a full-fledge art business and working full-time.
How do you manage your time between Etsy and the rest of your life?
 It is a real challenge which I must do my Etsy at night along with my other web sites since I work away from home during the day hours. I work as a design drafter for a construction firm most of the day. For the rest of the day, I work for one of my boss's family by picking their children up from school, take them to their house, and stay with them until either one of their parents arrived. However, it has been quite recent that I have been extremely swamped at work due to crushing deadlines and an extremely slow computer. Thank God for a new computer with updated Auto-CAD software.
Do you make or stock items you love, or what will sell?
 I both making the items that I love to make as well keeping them in stock. At times, I also have a couple of friends who also
sell the items for me in their frame shops. I also ask both of my friends what sells as well one of them spends more time with me as well showing me ideas. Yes, again, I still get ideas from the Lord.
Where else can we find you online?
Daily Paintworks - although I am not a member yet, but hopefully that I can join soon. However, I do have some of my paintings posted in their challenges from time to time.
You can also see me on FaceBook.com under Mary Compton Aikens, and last but not least, I am on Twitter which is MaryComptonAike.  
Did you always want to have your own business?
Yes... I wanted go into business for my self... However, I wanted to first get a better level by working for somebody before I can feel confident working for my self. One of the best qualities that I would find working for myself that I will be at home, be able to set my own hours as well days, and work alone in a quiet environment without so many people bugging me in contrast to an office-type setting.
Any other thoughts you want to share with us?
Yes. There are many thoughts to share. I used to do house portraits for people and families in the past. However, I am not active in that area. From time to time, I am compensating for it at work as being a rendering illustrator for various clients. I do love drawing buildings, houses, barns, birds, and other items including ladies' shoes.
  I want to thank you very much for taking your interests in finding out more about me and my Etsy shop. It has been a real honor to me that you expressed your love of my sign shop.
Thank you Mary!!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

What to Expect : Moms of Toddlers

You would think I would have a better BUTT!
All I do is pick up after the kid!
Well hmmm.... now you are the mom of a toddler! You may or may not still feel like "Betsy the cow... milk for all... open 24/7" And you might be pretty impressed that you still have nipples and that they didn't just fall off and roll under the sofa!
So, you are now trying to get your SEXY on. This can be a challenge! But, I found a hot little number for you.
Wow! All dressed up and ready to walk out the door! Well, Hell! The kid just tossed his cookies on my outfit! (Now, remember gals... do not touch, pick up or let the kid touch you when you are all dressed up.. you will get puked on.. I think it is a law or something! Have DAD do everything after you are prettied! Dad... he is the guy you live with... the one with the stupid look on his face)
What your outfit will be for the next, well, a lot of  years....
Now, I am not saying that you will be grumpy all the time. I'm just saying.... "most" of the time. Here is the thing... You will not be grumpy because of your kid (at this point, anyway). No, that's not why you are now starting to show frown lines. It is cuz, you didn't think you would have to train the Dad to help you or rather train him to help himself!! In your mind... you are wondering how he makes it day by day and doesn't get hit by a bus! You now understand, why your friends with kids turned into a crab asses!


Don't panic... train the DADDY!
You have trained the Dad! You are sooooo proud of yourself! You think, "This is heaven"
Well, sweetheart... a little FYI is needed here. Try not to kill him when you realize that he is doing such a good job with the kid and house... and it hits you that he might be Doing It Better!!
Take a deep breath!!!!
Do not freak out... this is key... listen close...
If, you freak out (because you think you are not needed anymore) he will stop doing all the crap you trained him to do! If you freak out... it will all fall in your lap again!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Suck it up ladies!!! This feeling of "He is a better Parent" will not last long!!
Just know.. that all through this your child is

Cuz...your kid is messing with your world!
Why you ask...
It's Cuties job for the rest of her/his life.
They like seeing Mom's head spin!
I hope you all laughed a bit! Being a mom is hard work.. you have to laugh and have fun with it! Thank you all for reading! Come on over and visit my shop. You might find something you just can't live without!
Take care,