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Sunday, June 2, 2013

What to Expect : Moms of Toddlers

You would think I would have a better BUTT!
All I do is pick up after the kid!
Well hmmm.... now you are the mom of a toddler! You may or may not still feel like "Betsy the cow... milk for all... open 24/7" And you might be pretty impressed that you still have nipples and that they didn't just fall off and roll under the sofa!
So, you are now trying to get your SEXY on. This can be a challenge! But, I found a hot little number for you.
Wow! All dressed up and ready to walk out the door! Well, Hell! The kid just tossed his cookies on my outfit! (Now, remember gals... do not touch, pick up or let the kid touch you when you are all dressed up.. you will get puked on.. I think it is a law or something! Have DAD do everything after you are prettied! Dad... he is the guy you live with... the one with the stupid look on his face)
What your outfit will be for the next, well, a lot of  years....
Now, I am not saying that you will be grumpy all the time. I'm just saying.... "most" of the time. Here is the thing... You will not be grumpy because of your kid (at this point, anyway). No, that's not why you are now starting to show frown lines. It is cuz, you didn't think you would have to train the Dad to help you or rather train him to help himself!! In your mind... you are wondering how he makes it day by day and doesn't get hit by a bus! You now understand, why your friends with kids turned into a crab asses!


Don't panic... train the DADDY!
You have trained the Dad! You are sooooo proud of yourself! You think, "This is heaven"
Well, sweetheart... a little FYI is needed here. Try not to kill him when you realize that he is doing such a good job with the kid and house... and it hits you that he might be Doing It Better!!
Take a deep breath!!!!
Do not freak out... this is key... listen close...
If, you freak out (because you think you are not needed anymore) he will stop doing all the crap you trained him to do! If you freak out... it will all fall in your lap again!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Suck it up ladies!!! This feeling of "He is a better Parent" will not last long!!
Just know.. that all through this your child is

Cuz...your kid is messing with your world!
Why you ask...
It's Cuties job for the rest of her/his life.
They like seeing Mom's head spin!
I hope you all laughed a bit! Being a mom is hard work.. you have to laugh and have fun with it! Thank you all for reading! Come on over and visit my shop. You might find something you just can't live without!
Take care,



  1. HAHAHA...this is great! love the items too.
    and now that I'm a grandparent, I can sit back and laugh at my kids cuz it's their turn to be messed with...

  2. Too me it is all so funny! I can't wait for my grand baby to get here and hear all complaining my son & daughter in law go through! My plan is to just smile....and at times ...point and laugh ...lol

  3. Fun items Kate! I love the purple dress, I think it is so comfy and stylish in the same time. Thanks so much for stopping by in LanasArtStudio yesterday!

  4. You've got some great stuff here! It looks awesome.

  5. Very cute, this is an adorable post!

  6. I Love your Blog Kate I wish I could figure mine out!! LOL