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Friday, May 24, 2013

(Funny) What to expect... when you are expecting! Not for the faint of heart!

Happy Hello Everyone!
Some of you may know this about me.. I own and teach preschool. I have 37 students in my school. I have been teaching preschool for over 20 years and Love it!
I am also going to be a Nana in October! I am so excited!!
 Anyway, lately I have been thinking a lot about the Stages of Life. I thought I would do a ditty on it! I hope you laugh and see items that you love as well! Have fun reading!
Knocked Up to Newborn
What to expect... when you are expecting
Mom is so excited! I'm pregnant! wooohoooo!!! My skin will glow, I will be sooooo cute with my belly! Mom is all smiles! 
Well, Here is the Real Deal .... yes, it hits mom smack upside the head!
Aching Back!!!
Swollen Feet and Ankles!
Uncomfy and Cranky -
The Blame Game!!
Newborn is here! Mom is so happy
(well, that's what she tells people)
The Real Deal
Mom is now the Walking Dead
Need Sleep!!!!!
 You Ring that Door Bell and Die!!!!
Boobs Hurt and Milk is Every Place!!! I just ruined another Top!!! "Honey, I need......"
OMG!!! I just sneezed!
And Just think.... This is the easy part of being a Mom!!!
Next comes.... Toddlers!
Mine! Mine! Mine!
No! No! No!
Yes, It is all worth it!!!
(well, that's what we tell ourselves..lol)


  1. LOL Too funny and so true!



  2. Thank you so much for including us in this & congrats on being a Nana!!!

  3. ah thats so funny, as i'm currently watching what to expect... (its paused)

  4. Thank you for including my pain salve! Just remember with any pregnancy and breast feeding you need to get docs approval for any natural remedy made with essential oils. Beautiful baby bellies unite!!!

  5. Ha Ha!! I love it~

  6. LOL hilarious. No kids here, and after reading that, no thank you! I already need half those products as it is!

  7. New follower from Etsy, The Passionate Flea. I'm laughing, so funny!

  8. Oh Too Funny :)

    I LOVE IT :)

    Happy Weekend, cheers, T. :)