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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mya's Heart

Happy Hello!
I am doing something different today. I was approached by an Etsy Teammate, Deb Lonergan , for help. She asked if I would do a blog post to help her niece and other children like her niece. Please take time to read this post.

This post will touch your soul.
It is the story of a little girl.
This is Mya's Story.
(Told by Deb Longergan)

This is the story of Mya’s  heart. 
 Mya is the little girl on the billboard
When sweet Mya was 15 months old, it was discovered that she had a bad heart, and would probably need a transplant in a few years.  Fast forward about a year: it became clear that Mya would need a transplant much sooner than anticipated.  In fact, as soon as one became available.
Mya spent the next 6 months at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta .  She celebrated her third birthday there.  Mya became the darling of the entire hospital staff because of her outgoing nature, intelligence and boundless energy….she would ride her tricycle up and down the halls (with her adult caregivers trotting behind, trying to keep up, and carrying her IV bags!) 
Mya on her trike and showing off her IV lines
She would tell people that her heart was broken and she was waiting for a new one to come in the mail. 
A few months ago, the mail finally delivered a heart for Mya.  The surgery took hours and hours, but Mya came through like a trooper!
Mya in recovery
I’m happy to report that Mya is doing fabulously well.  There has been no rejection at all.  She is growing fast (making up for lost time) and still has that boundless energy. She just learned how to do the “starfish” in the pool……and can swim all the way to the other side!
But the story does not end there.  About 1 in 4 heart transplant recipients will need a new transplant within about 5 years.  This is an agonizing reality for anyone who has received a heart, and for their family and friends.  And the survival rate for repeat recipients is less than 60%

Can you imagine being a parent and knowing you might have to go through the trauma again?  Possibly lose your child after all?  Or being a recipient, and unsure what the future will bring?

Mya’s parents have started a foundation, the Enduring Hearts Foundation, to fund research to find out why so many heart transplants fail after a few years, and to find a solution.  The Enduring Hearts Foundation is a non-profit organization that awards operating grants for research projects in organ transplantation to established members of academic staff at universities, transplant centers and research institutions.

Help us spread the word about this foundation by sharing this blog and asking others to do the same.  Contributions are necessary and welcome.
Enduring Hearts
PMB 350
3600 Dallas Hwy, Suite 230
Marietta, GA 30064
Another way you can help!
 Deb Lonergan has a new jewelry collection in her Etsy shop. The Collection is "Enduring Hearts Collection".
"Profits from the sale of these items will be donated to the Enduring Hearts Foundation. I have featured Swarovski crystal hearts in this collection because to me they appear fragile and easily broken, but have a true strength and beauty to them.  I thought it appropriate that the jewelry should feature these crystal hearts, as they exemplify the hearts of these transplant patients."


Introducing the "Enduring Hearts Collection". Proceeds (less only the cost of materials) from the sales of items in this collection will be donated to the Enduring Hearts Foundation, a non-profit organization that awards operating grants for research projects in organ transplantation to established members of academic staff at universities, transplant centers and research institutes.
Deb's Shop Links:

My thoughts,

Giving the gift of Love is magical.
                             Each life is a gift...
                                                  A hope...
                                                       A light...
                                              Endless possibilities...
Be an organ donor

I know this is hard, but, remember.. in your darkest moments (loss of your child) you can provide light

Thank you all for taking the time to read this very important post!! Let's get the word out folks!!!





  1. OMG, what a sweet little girl! Sharing this post...

    1. Troy... thank you so much for sharing this post!

    2. Troy thank you so much for sharing and helping us spread the word about the foundation.

    3. Madelyn (Mya's mom) is having difficulties with her computer. So she asked me to send this reply:

      Thank you so much for sharing Mya's story. It is so heartwarming to see how many people are willing to help our daughter and all of those other wonderful children.~Madelyn (Mya's mom)

  2. Yes very touching. I am so glad Mya is doing well!

    My oldest daughter had heart surgery at 3 years old and then again later. Not a transplant. She is dong wonderfully now after her last heart surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. So I know the agony of preparing for the worst. Enduring the hours of surgery and the continuous visits to the heart doctor.

    Prayers for Mya's new heart.

    It's wonderful her mother has started a foundation too!


    1. Erin O&#39;DriscollJuly 3, 2013 at 7:41 AM

      This is nice. Thank you, from her little school. We are so happy to get her back with us. She is a lot much stronger now! It was, indeed, a long haul.

    2. Christie,
      Thank the lord your girl is ok!!! It must have been awful!
      Thank you for your prayers for Mya!

    3. Erin,
      As one Preschool teacher to another.... Thank you for taking such good care of her! I am so happy to hear that she is stronger and having fun!!!!

    4. Christie, you too have lived through the stress of having a child with a sick heart. I am so glad to hear that your daughter is doing well now. Thank goodness.

  3. Kate thank you so much for posting this story and helping to spread the word about the foundation. It is new, and people must be made aware of it, so that it can fulfill it's mission. You are an angel and so generous with your time. I appreciate everything you have done.

    1. Deb,

      I feel honored that you asked me! Please keep us posted! People's love is boundless and I know that everyone who reads this will gain knowledge, understanding, and that will result in action!

  4. I am a mama of a child I lost too soon(she was16) in a car accident. When she got her license SHE was the one who took the initiative to be an organ donor. She lived her life caring about others and even at a young age knew she wanted to do that in death too. She was more proud of that sticker than she was passing the test. As parents living through the devastation of what was going on around us, that was the one easy thing we did was to answer that call from the organ donor people. Now six years later we still know that our broken hearts can get through each day knowing our beautiful baby girl helped hundreds live through organ and tissue (and I don't know what else) donoation. The most important thing is to sign up as an organ donor and the next most important thing is to make sure people around you-friends, family-KNOW you haave made that plan because in a moment of shock, the thought process does not work clearly and ithe more time that goes by, the less likely the organ will be able to be used. This subject is dear to my heart. Thank you for this blog....I know it will help many!!

    1. Mary,
      We miss your girl everyday. In her 16 years she touched the hearts of so many. Your baby is an earth angel... Her passion for life, love, and her compassion for others lives on in a way that is never just words... Your girl knew love was an action.

      Mary, thank you for writing your comment. Thank you for sharing. Your girl is still teaching us what real love is!!


    2. Oh, Mary, the story about your daughter brought tears to my eyes. The pain of losing her would be unbearable, but you must be very proud that she chose to be an organ donor and help other people live. She must have been an incredible person, a very special girl. Thank you for sharing.

    3. I am posting this reply for my niece Madelyn (Mya's mom) because she is having computer problems tonight.

      Mary, Your post was incredibly powerful. Words cannot explain how hard that must have been to lose her but you must be so proud of what an amazing girl she was. Although she did not donate life to Mya specifically, we thank all of the donor families daily for their selfless acts of love and kindness. You and your daughter's story will never be forgotten!

  5. Her gift is eternal...My sister needed a lung and was never able to get one...Your daughter's gifts will go on forever..Many blessings to you and yours.Peace of God.....Lana

  6. An amazing post! God bless Mya! I'm stopping by from Blogging Buddies.

    1. Angelique - thank you for reading the story that Kate was kind enough to post for my little niece and the foundation her parents have started. Please share and help spread the word.

    2. Angelique,
      Thank you so much for taking time to read this post! Yes, God bless Mya!

  7. Wonderful Kate - saw this somewhere else today - news? Am on so many sites usure - thanks

  8. Wonderful! We are just trying like crazy to get the word out! Where ever you saw it.... Thank goodness!

  9. I am entering this comment for my niece, Madelyn (Mya's mom) because she is having computer issues tonight.

    To Kate: Reading your blogpost brought tears of joy and filled my heart with pride for our little girl. Thank you so much for sharing her story with others so that may see how important organ donation is. Words cannot express how much this means to us! We will continue to provide Deb L with information about Mya so you can update as you like. ~Madelyn (Mya's mom)

    1. You are soooo welcome! Yes, please update us. I am just so thankful that I could help!

  10. Kate - thanks for the link to this amazing story. I'll link it on my Facebook page too. Blessings. Lori

    1. Lori - thank you so much for sharing on your FB page. The more people who see the story the better!

  11. Wow. My heart is breaking. Perhaps not the same what the sweet little girls thought. Bless her and her mom, I pray the Foundation spreads like the light of God - effortlessly but powerfully. Love and light to you, ladies! -Eva, xx