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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pretty much it is the time of year where you find something you can't stand about yourself and make a vow to change it.
Do you have a God Awful Habit?
I will wear a rubber band around my wrist and snap it hard...if i even think of doing whatever it is I do.
Well, I hate to burst your Resolution Bubble. Been there and have backed out about 2 weeks into my... resolution. I guess my pinkie swears mean nothing!
This year as I sit and watch the diet pill commercials, I was thinking... What if... and no one pass out... What if.. I vowed to do more of what I love! Instead of finding all the things I hate about myself, I am going to do more of what I do! Woooohooooo Baby I have made this New Years Resolution thing work for me!
I love to make Mosaic! I will do more!

I love color! I will seek it out and add more to my life!
I can be a crab ass! I will embrace those moments!
I Feel the Freedom 2013!


  1. YES! I was hoping this was the direction this blog would go, and now I am inspired to write an inspiring blog, too!

    Freedom it is! 2013!

  2. Thanks, Kate! Happy New Year to you!

  3. How cute and all resolutions sound very familiar! Today, I don't do resolutions; it takes up too much of my creative time!

    I so enjoyed reading this and hope your New Year is blessed and prosperous!


  4. Best wishes for a wonderful new year of doing what you love:) Thanks for sharing your post!

    Etsy Handmade Team

  5. I am too lazy for even thinking about resolutions...I am so bad!!

    Happy New Year!

  6. oh I am with you sister!!! I vow to paint more this year, forget the housework. and I love that fuzzy haired alien with his cupcake buddy.

  7. Hi I found you through the Sunday-Monday Blog Hop. Please stop by and say hi when you get a chance. Happy New Year.

  8. Lovely works and a big fan of yours!!! Happy New Year and many more to come!!!

  9. Very cute. So glad you decided on a positive outlook for 2013.I too thought about all the shoulds in my life, but wants are soo much more fun. Happy New Year Everybosy.

    Fellow etsy handmade seller Ellen

  10. Bellisimo, Feliz Año Nuevo.


  11. that is so perfect! thanks for sharing!

  12. Ha! LOVE it completely! Talk about being honest with yourself... Good for you Kate! ♥♥ Here's to a prosperous, happy, colorful new year!!

  13. Haha, love your sense of humor Kate! Have a happy and prosperous 2013!

  14. I absolutely love the idea of focusing on the positive and doing more of what we love!

    I need to do more of that!
    Thanks for helping me see the light!

  15. I love the pillow and the cats doing yoga is hilarious!!! Great resolutions!!! Happy new year from you newest follower!