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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mirror Mirror on the Wall.....

We all know the rest of the chant..... But if you could change it... What would you say? Hmmmm, here are some endings to think on!

Mirror, mirror on the wall
You help make my home look bigger and not so small....

Mirror, mirror on the wall
You add character to my hall....

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who is that sexy, stunning, smart and funny
Outstanding, crazy, need my coffee
Fix my hair, check my teeth, add some blush to my cheek
Wake up the kids and Make the breakfast
Kiss the hubby, give the kids money
Mommy, mommy... Oh, my tummy!
Mommy, mommy ...Need the potty!
Mommy, mommy ....kid is crabby
Mommy, mommy...gets no nappy
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who is the most tired person of them all!

However it goes, mirrors do add a bit of Bling to your home. They not only reflect light and make your room look bigger. But, they also, reflect your personality!

A Statement Mirror? A Colorful Mirror? A Funky Mirror? Do you love a Country Cottage Mirror?
 Or maybe a beachy type Mirror?

  Whatever the Mirror, just remember...
 The reflection you see... no matter how tired you might be... is an important person, amazing and strong... Even when things seem to be going wrong... you are important, amazing and strong
Most of all
(I say this in loving memory of folks who didn't believe that. You are all missed and loved)

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