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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Little Winter Break is Over!
Happy Hello all! Well, it is time to go back to work. I am looking forward to seeing my little students and hearing all about their Christmas! I know they will be excited about all the new gifts from Santa! I love teaching 3 - 5 year old people. I also know, that if I get a word in tomorrow I will be lucky!
The sprits of my little preschool kids amaze me. They are so active and ready for anything. They love to learn and when their eyes light up with the "I get it" magic look... let's just say, it makes me so happy I could cry! By the way, I do.
Kids are so important to me, little gifts from above, that I tend to "Happy Cry" all over the place when they do something that they are so proud of.
 One of my students wrote her name for the very first time.. All By Herself. She looked up at me with a look of shock. The shock turned to pride...her eyes got big..her smile got even bigger.. she didn't say anything. I jumped up... did a happy dance.. hug her tight and happy cried. She in turn, hugged me back and said.. "Mrs. Brooks that is a happy cry. I do it too! I think I am going to do it right now!"
On my winter break I kept busy. I followed the lead of my preschool kids and was ready for anything... I put my "Ready for Anything Art Hat" on and created a few pieces.
I am inspired by my little preschool students. They are fearless in their art. They love to get messy and create! Nothing stops their imagination. They are always original, involed in the process of "Making" and truthful in the way they experience art. That is my goal.


  1. What a lovely post, I really enjoyed it, thank you.


  2. It takes a special person to be able to teach, I admire you for that. And I love your boot!

  3. Hi Kate! It's great to meet you from Blogging Buddies. Your mosaics are OUTSTANDING! I'm following your blog and looking forward to seeing more! :)

  4. Hi, new follower from blogging buddies returning the follow you gave me! Really enjoyed the post and your mosaics....by the way I Happy Cry all the time too :)

  5. Your mosaics are beautiful, looking forward to seeing what other beautiful things you create.


  6. Children are so full of life...I hope you're enjoying your time back at work!! Hey I recently nominated you for an award. Please visit my website to receive it. http://www.momnstinks.blogspot.com Take care!!

  7. How wonderful for you to work with those little minds and hands! I'm in love with your birdhouse and heart mosaics. Gorgeous!

  8. Wonderful inspiration! Such a wonderful thing to work with young ones :)
    Love your products and glad I found your blog via Blogging Buddies!