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Saturday, January 19, 2013

All You Need Is Love

All You Need is Love
Source: etsy.com via Kate on Pinterest
is a Beautiful Thing
is Kind
 makes the World Go Round
I believe it!
With Valentines Day just around the corner, I thought, I would write a bit about love.

Source: etsy.com via Kate on Pinterest

As I look back on my life, I know, I have had what I feel is an abundance of love. I haven't always felt this way however.

I am adopted. I came to live with my new parents when I was 15 months old. For years and years I felt like a "throw away" person. It took me a long time to feel self worth. I could tell you a ton about how wonderful my Parents were. I could tell you that I knew I was loved. But, if you don't love yourself... you just can't understand why others would love you.

Source: etsy.com via Kate on Pinterest

Self worth is something I take very seriously.  To this day, 45 years later, I still struggle with it.

But, I vow to help all children understand that they are
Important, Smart, Worth It,
Who They are is Outstanding!

I am a Preschool Teacher. All, my students will walk away from my class knowing this! I hope to have given them the first Key to their Self Worth from someone outside their family circle.
I am also, an artist and enjoy creating. I fell in love with taking broken items and making them whole. Some people might look at the items I use in my art as "throw away" items. I see them as important items of beauty.
Source: etsy.com via Kate on Pinterest

As I said before... I know I have had and have an abundance of love. I have an amazing family. An outstanding husband. And, I now know that I am worth having all the love and giving all the love I can.

Source: etsy.com via Kate on Pinterest

My Love Story:
When I was 27 years old I found my birth mother. My birth mother came out to visit me, my husband, and my children. The airport she was flying into was in the same city that my Parents lived. My Parents invited my birth mother and my family to their home to spend the night before our 2 hour drive to my home.
I will never forget the hug my Moms gave each other. I will never forget the "Thank You" they both cried to each other. I will never forget walking into the family room in the very early hours of the morning and seeing them together laughing, talking and crying and knowing that both of them had not gotten to bed yet.
Both of my "Moms" are gone now.

          I think to myself...
 Love is an Amazing Ride!
Love does make the World go Round. 
 Love is Kind!

I strive to give Love and Beauty to all!

Source: etsy.com via Kate on Pinterest

When you look in the mirror... repeat after me....
I am who I am
I am perfect
I am worth love
I am worth giving love
I am important

Source: etsy.com via Kate on Pinterest

To My Hubby

When I reach out... you are there
When I need support... you hold my hand and hold me up
I have loved you for 26 years
You are my heart

In the Sprit of Love.....

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  1. Beautiful sentiment for your husband and lovely treasury!

    Lovin' that mirror!

    1. I am so happy you stopped in! and thank you!

    2. What you wrote is beautiful. Sadly, love does not come to all so easily. Some never find it. It sounds like your were fortuneate to have that love and all come together the way they did. All one can do who knows what love really is, is to put it out there in the world, and pray that others get the message.
      Now following you!

  2. Beautiful story to start my day on the right path, and thank you for including my love birds.


  3. Kate, your story is beautiful. I can completely relate with your feelings of self-worth, and lack thereof, growing up. You are an amazingly talented artist and a lovely person. Thanks so much for including my pendant in your treasury and blog.

  4. Beautiful..... you, your story and your art!

  5. KAte---Thanks for the feature in your blog, and your treasury! It is an honor, as you my dear are a talented artist. I loved your story and how seeing your Mom's together helped you understand your feelings----Sometimes we do things we have to do, not want to. It took an incredible woman to make a choice, and another incredible woman to help with that choice. It was a gracious relationship that the two of them had----they both got something so wonderful in return! Much love and luck to you--Love your work! ~ Kimberly from www.scrapsmakethenest.etsy.com

  6. PS----Thanks for my "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" Feature!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. The story of your Mom's hugging and laughing together is absolutely wonderful. So glad you had a chance to get to know your birth mom and to heal some of those "throw-away" feelings.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  8. To have lost your mom's is a huge thing. I miss mine every day. Thank you for the tender post.

    1. I lost both within 2 years of each other. I miss them every day as well. I am so happy you stopped by and read my post.

  9. Kate, your story is amazing and wonderful. Thank you so much for featuring my heart garland in your treasury and your blog. I feel so honored to be included among these fantastic artists.

  10. Very nice, thanks for sharing...
    Here is my blog..”Just another Blog”
    From my Raw Food Lifestyle to my kids…

  11. What a beautiful post! Love really is all we need to be happy. I'm so sorry you have lost both your mothers, but that's great you can pass on all the love and happiness they instilled in you to your students.

    All the best,

  12. Beautiful Kate !! Very inspiring words. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Aaaw, Kate. I am also adopted. Your post, your words, your story...Love is powerful and love is important. All the kids you teach are so lucky to have you. And I am lucky to "know" you as an Etsy friend. Thank you for sharing this.

  14. Beautiful blog and treasury Kate!! You are an inspiration! Thank you for including me!

  15. This is an amazing post! I, too, was adopted although by my Aunt and Uncle. My mother died when I was 8 days old and my father, who was an officer in the British Indian Army in 1940, died when I was 10 months old. Aunt and Uncle were looking after me at the time, and so were literally left "holding the baby".

    I too have immense gratitude for those who cared for me, and allowed me to have a wonderful husband (for nearly 43 years - alas, he left for a much better place in May last year) and two wonderful daughters and a son-in-law to be proud of.

    Good luck - and continue to be proud of yourself!

    Isobel: www.ColdhamCuddliescalling.blogspt.com

  16. Very sweet story about your mom and your birth mom. It sounds like you must be someone very special to both. I'm sorry they've had to move on.

    Glad I ran into your link post on the My New Favorite BNS Team board. It's cool to get to learn more about a fellow teammate. Your heart treasury is beautiful. The ACEO is my favorite.

    My blog is http://scrappyrat.blogspot.com or come visit me at my shop, which is http://scrappyrat.etsy.com (or do both!) Having some blog problems (fun with gmail) so the blog is a bit behind schedule. My shop is where I'm always puttering about electronically when I'm not making my pet themed stationery and gifts I sell there. Say hello sometime! :)

  17. P.S. Following you on Pinterest. Your dog is adorable!

  18. Wow Kate. This is a beautiful blog. Thank you for sharing "YOU" with all of us. You were so blessed to have two mom's who loved you and the snapshot you carry with you in your mind of the two of them sharing a laugh must be so treasured.

    We are all so blessed to have gotten to know you.


  19. Wonderful story! Thank you for sharing!