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Monday, January 7, 2013

Magnets and Shops

Today I thought...hmmmm....
What do I want to say on my blog today??
To be honest, I am sick as all get out. I have a sinus infection and both ears are also infected! I think my Day Job is trying to kill me!!! I own and teach preschool. I love my preschool, I love being with all those cute little germ makers! I know if I didn't teach I would be lost! I Have the Best Day Job in the World!!
Anyway, back to blogging and thinking...
I came up with a plan for today! I am going to show off my magnets and show off some of my favorite shops!
As most of you know... I love fusing glass. I love the way that I never really know what will come out of the kiln.
Source: etsy.com via Kate on Pinterest
Some of the coolest things I have ever seen are abstract. I love abstract art!

Source: etsy.com via Kate on Pinterest

Plus, being a Mom, Nana and preschool teacher..... I always have something hanging up on my fridge!  I also, thought of office spaces and how magnets would be helpful.
Source: etsy.com via Kate on Pinterest
Spice up your kitchen!
Add beauty to your office space!
Source: etsy.com via Kate on Pinterest

 Now, I can't just show you a few of my Fused Glass Magnets without showing off a Mosaic Magnet.... Remember Smurfette???

Source: etsy.com via Kate on Pinterest

Swing on over to my shop to see more magnets! While you are there... check out the other stuff too!
Now it is time to show you some Outstanding Shops!

I hope you enjoyed the magnets
I hope you enjoyed the shops
Take care!


  1. thanks Kate for including my shop as one of your favorites
    Gail Smith

  2. Omg, I love the magnets and your blog as well! Thank you so much for including my mini journal in this post, I really appreciate it.
    Hope you feel better soon!



  3. I love all the great items and shops featured on your blog ! Thank you for sharing !
    I love all your lovely work as well.
    Thanks, Lisa

  4. Hi kate, lovely magnets. I finally found a way to get to you in this blog ! took me quite some time.

    All the best

  5. Your blog is beautiful, Kate! I'll be reading it again.

  6. Kate,Thanks so much for including me! Great Shops and Good Friends!!

    I always say, I love your work!!!

    All the best!


  7. Kate,

    This is a great spot ...thanks so for the feature of my blue swirl bowl...great fun to be invited...Your blog is awesome...thanks for sharing...

    Peace always...lana

  8. I love your blog! Very fun to come snoop through to see what's on your mind!

    ((not sure how to comment as myself))

    Vista Chick

  9. Kate, this is awesome, thanks so much for the feature with these great shops! I love your magnets too!!

  10. Magnets are a must! Especially with kiddos that love showcasing their art work. Sorry to hear that you're a bit sick, and I hope you feel better real soon.

  11. Your glass magnets are gorgeous! Hope you're feeling better really soon! Silly little germ makers~

  12. this is lovely . .. thank you for thinking of me!