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Friday, March 29, 2013


Happy Easter!
Easter is such a beautiful time of the year. Children are all excited to hunt those eggs. Parents are all excited to share the meaning of Easter and to see the wide smiles of their family and friends. Houses are buzzing with cooks in the kitchen!
The Earth is renewing its self with greenery and baby animals are being born in the fields.  People seem to have a pep in their step!
What a word!
"The act of renewing"
You can renew your attitude, your passion... heck you can renew anything you want! When you look deep inside yourself... what do you want to renew?
Renewal can also be a scary thing. Some people see it meaning change. This can also mean you have to keep up with things or get left behind.
To me renewal means... a fresh space and time to see things in a different light. This provides me with an outlook of hope and creativity. This hope and creativity leads to goals that lead to actions! The beauty part of all that, for me, is an outcome of seeing my own truth. Renewing my own spirit and inter peace!
This past few weeks I have renewed my vision for my shop. I started out my business thinking that I would only provide beautiful unique mosaics for your home. I renewed that idea to include fused glass pieces. And now, I am renewing those ideas and adding mosaic make up compact mirrors & key chains!
Renewing your ideas, thoughts, passions and outlook 
is a 
crucial part of life! 
What are you going to Renew?
Take the time to enjoy these wonderful items from some of my favorite shops!
Happy Easter my Friends!
Pieces of Home Mosaics


  1. beautiful Kate! I had actually noticed your shop changes over time! LOVE it :) Everything is so beautiful love! :)

  2. You are incredible! Thank you so much for the feature! I love the direction you are taking your shop. I am a huge fan and enjoy seeing your creations!

  3. wonderful ! renewing is the best of options!

  4. Renewal is a great thing. =0)
    Your compact mirrors and key chains are awesome. I'm glad you decided to offer them.
    Happy Easter,

  5. Great post! I've loved watching all of the new directions your shop has gone in and can't wait to see all the new products you plan to offer.

    Thanks so much for featuring my necklace, I feel honored.

  6. Wow, Kate! When you said you included an item of mine in your Blog, I had no idea, you only picked a few to feature. Thank you - and especially the ones you did pick are some of my own personal favorites! Fabulous message for this time of year. I look forward to your shop's metamorphosis!!

  7. Great new products! Love your compact mirrors, so cute & intricate! :)

  8. Wonderful post! Love the new items you are adding to your shop!

  9. Such gorgeous work!

    I love the watercolor (or ink) background, too!!