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Saturday, March 9, 2013

featuring Amy Letendre

Today's Featured Etsy Shop Owner is......
Drum Roll Please.....
Amy Letendre
She is the owner of
a.ren.le Designs
 I asked Amy if I could feature her shop. I am so happy she said YES! 
(I am now addicted to shops that carry wonderful items for Mom & Baby)
Diaper Wipe Case "April in Paris"
Let us get all get settled in with our coffee or tea and learn about Amy!
What do you sell?
 I sell handmade travel diaper wipe cases and jewelry. I will be adding a wedding section very soon!
Swarovski Bronze and Champagne Wire Wrapped Earrings
Handmade Bridal Wedding Clutch White Ivory Flowers
How did you get started with Etsy?
A little over a year ago I sold some cases to a shop in downtown Chicago, and they loved my designs more than other cases they had seen. I was flattered! I had heard about Etsy and just fell in love with it once I took a look. I signed up soon after and started selling my cases from there.
When did you get interested in making your Art/Craft?
I have been making things by hand for years and years. I just love creating something out of raw materials. It is very satisfying, and even more so when someone else can use and enjoys your product. I started making the wipe cases after my daughter was born. I found something similar online and recreated one for myself. Friends loved them, so I made more, entered craft fairs, and eventually opened my Etsy store front!
Where does your inspiration come from?
I get my inspiration from popular trends and patterns, as well as things I just plain love about life. Be they places or things that inspire me, they always mean something to me.
 Who taught you or how did you learn your art form?
I have decided to learn to make as many things as I can, myself. Sometimes I learn from others online via tutorials, but I generally love to figure things out myself.
Where do you see your Shop in 5 years from now?
 In five years I would love for my shop to have lots more followers and a steadier stream of sales. I would also like to have a wider variety of handmade items available to customers, of course still incorporating the love and care I put into my work now.
How do you manage your time between Etsy and the rest of your life?
 I am fortunate enough to be able to be a stay at home mom. When my daughter is napping or working on puzzles I get as much work done as I can.
Is this a hobby, part-time job, or full-time job?
For now it is a hobby, but my goal is to be able to make a job or career out of creating lovely things that other people will use and love, too!
 Do you make or stock items you love, or what will sell?
 I stock items that I love! I believe that the wipe cases are functional, but oh so cute. It's kind of a nice thing for mommies to be able to pull out a fancy wipe case while having to change a dirty diaper. Just a little bit of fun during a dirty job :)
Diaper Wipe Case "Polka Dots"
Where else can we find you online?
I am only on Etsy presently, but enjoy it very much!
Did you always want to have your own business?
 When I was younger making jewelry out of Christmas lights, or Barbie clothes out of old skirt fabric I knew I wanted to work with my hands and mind creating new, interesting things. It had only been in the past few years that having my own business had become something I am very interested in!
Any other thoughts you want to share with us?
Just want to say thank you for the opportunity to be interviewed on your blog! It is a very nice blog :)
I just Love Amy's Shop!

I am so glad she took the time to Share with Us!
Thank you Amy!
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