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Friday, April 12, 2013

Featuring The Bears Cave

Today's Feature is....
(Drum Roll Please!)
The Bears Cave 

Laura Butt is the artist and owner of this shop!
People people people.... this shop has the most outstanding photos! About a month ago, I was looking around Etsy and came across this shop. I fell in love with her work. I asked her immediately if she would be interested in being featured on my blog. I am so excited  Laura said "Yes"!!
All I can say is... Enjoy!
Here we go!!
How did you come up with your shop name The Bears Cave?
I named "The Bear's Cave"  after my dog, Bear.
What do you sell?
I sell photography prints.
How did you get started with Etsy?
My mom actually found Etsy first and started a quilt/art shop. I was so happy to learn about a site where you can buy hand-made anything! I joined Etsy in 2007 as a "buyer". It wasn't until recently I opened a shop.
When did you get interested in making your Art/Craft?
 I have been taking photographs since I was young, just for fun. My mom has albums and albums of family photos. Once I started learning more about cameras I took photos of my animals ALL the time....and I still do. I want to have memories to capture and share with anyone who wants to take a peek.
Where does your inspiration come from?
 My inspiration comes from animals in general, my dog Bear and one female leopard at my local zoo. It was watching a man photograph this leopard that inspired me to learn more about photography.
Who taught you or how did you learn your art form?
My mom is no professional photographer, but she has taught me quite a bit about photography. The rest of what I have learned, I either taught myself or have gotten tips and techniques from other photographers I run across. I love any advice I can get.
Where do you see your Shop in 5 years from now?
In five years from now, I hope to see that my shop grows in admirers. Of course I hope to have a number of buyers as well, but I really just enjoy being able to share my photos and hopefully put a smile on someone's face. :)
How do you manage your time between Etsy and the rest of your life?
So far, balancing my life and Etsy has been fairly easy. I enjoy relaxing in the evening and surfing the web. I also spend a lot of this time updating Etsy and going through photos as well.
Is this a hobby, part-time job, or full-time job?
As of right now, Etsy is a hobby for me. I am a full-time dog groomer, a young girl who has found the love of her life and a mom to the perfect dog, 8 parakeets, 4 dwarf hamsters and 3 newts. I hope to eventually grow on Etsy and be able to make this a part-time job.
Do you make or stock items you love, or what will sell?
I stock my favorite photos, hoping they will become a favorite for someone else. I won't stock the photos unless I absolutely love them!
Where else can we find you online?
As of right now, I am just on Etsy.
Did you always want to have your own business?
 I actually never wanted to have my own business. Ha! I love having an Etsy shop as a business though. I guess I've never thought of it that way.
Any other thoughts you want to share with us?
I just want to thank Kate for featuring me on her lovely blog and everyone who takes a look in my shop. I hope you enjoy :)
Thank you Laura for sharing your talent
 The Bears Cave!!




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  5. Thank you for the great feature, Kate! And thank you everyone for all the lovely comments :)