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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Meet Karalee Gross Christian Artist!

Happy Saturday!
Ok, I have one of my favorite shops to show you! This shop is inspiration! This shop has Love & Happiness written all over it! 
Get ready to meet Karalee Gross!!
Karalee's shop
ifrog stands for "I fully rely on God" 
This shop is perfect for the Valentine Season!
Christian/Inspiratioanl Magnet
Here we go! Let's find out all about Karalee!
What do you sell?
I hand paint Christian home decor, magnets, signs, wall hangings, etc.
Beauty Tip, Christian/Inspirational
How did you get started with Etsy?
If I remember correctly, my best friend was researching some craft things & read about Etsy. She then sent me the link to the article. I did my own research & the rest, as they say, is history.
When did you get interested in making your Art/Craft?
I come from a creative family. My great grandma taught me how to do stamped embroidery at a very young age. Later on in life, I taught myself counted cross-stitch. My mom sewed & knitted almost all the time. I did try my hand at sewing & did ok, but didn't really liked it. And I tried knitting, as well as crocheting - which her cousin did - be my hands would perspire & I couldn't keep the stitches even. Then one day, I decided to try painting. I figured it was like coloring, only with paint. I've definitely come a long way since then. lol.
Child of God Christian/Inspirational Shelf Sitter
Where does your inspiration come from?
 My inspiration does come from God. Once I realized how blessed I was to have a wonderful husband & getting to work towards my dream of owning my own business, I knew that I had to give God the glory. So I stick with mostly Christian items & have added Americana & Family.
Who taught you or how did you learn your art form?
 I am self taught. I've learned a lot from checking out techniques & finishes at craft shows from other, more experienced painters. And I'm still learning.
Where do you see your Shop in 5 years from now?
5 years from now, I'd like to see my shop known....and know for original, custom work. This year, I am taking my creating painting in a bit of a different direction. By this, I mean that I plan to do more one of a kind work. I will still be a Christian focused shop, that will never change. And items will still be done in a country style, but there will be more involved with each piece.
Everything beautiful...Christian Inspirational Wall Hanging
How do you manage your time between Etsy and the rest of your life?
 Managing my time has been a big struggle to me. But recently, more time has opened up in my weeks, so I am hoping that I will have enough discipline to spend more time in the studio.
How did you come up with the name of your shop?
I was bouncing my ideas of names off my husband one night. He asked me what my email address was. He knew, but he wanted me to think about it. At the time, my email address was ifrog@.... The name ifrogcrafts was born.  ifrog stands for "I fully rely on God" 
Do you make or stock items you love, or what will sell?
Both. I do make what I love, but I also figure that if I like them, someone else will too. I do try to check color trends when I'm stuck for a color combo, but mostly, I ask God for guidance. How does He answer? He doesn't give us gut feeling for nothing!
ASAP - Christian, Inspirational Magnet
Where else can we find you online?
Did you always want to have your own business?
I think for the most part, that I have always wanted to have my own business. I spent many years working in retail stores. And the more time I spent doing that, the more that I realized that most retail corporate big wigs, lack a whole lot of common sense.
Were you over the age of 45 when you started your shop?
Yes I was over 45 when I started my business, about a year later, I opened my Etsy shop.
How do you think your age has helped you in your business?
I think that my age & experience in retail stores, has helped me some in my shop. During my time working in stores, my jobs included pretty much everything from a cashier to a store management. It is a lot different selling on line, but you just need to brush up on the differences.
Key to my heart - Christian/Inspirational Magnet
Christian/Inspirational Wall Hanging/Sign
Wonderful Shop!
I added some of my favorite items to this post! I love the "Flip Flop" one!!
Don't forget if you just click on the photo of each item it will take you right to Karalee's shop!
Karalee, thank you so much for sharing with us today!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh Kate! This gave me the biggest smile! And i REALLY needed that today. Bless you for all you do to promote other shops. Thank you so much!!!

    1. I am so happy you like the post! Big smiles are the best!!!

  2. What a great post! You asked great questions and she really answered them thoroughly. I also like how many pictures you included.

    1. Brenda.. I am so happy you stopped in to read about our wonderful Karalee! I love showing off all the goodies in her shop!

  3. Another wonderful etsy shop! Thank you for sharing.

  4. what cute items....great artist feature. thanks for sharing.

  5. I love the first one item....I need this for myself! Thank you for sharing this beautiful work! I love to see more:)